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Nov 19, 2012 10:00am EST
alabama when they're actually competing with kids in china and india. we must raise our standard. why have we stigmatized vocational education? why have we stigmatized career education? there are kids who don't want to go to harvard. one depicts airplane engines. it's a good paying job that god has given them the talent to do. -- they want to fix airplane engines. and college affordability i have touched upon, and adult education is important. all these things matter. i conclude by saying frustration is real. so many people on my side of the aisle and my party and the governor's party. a lot of frustration about the outcome of the elections. i have heard people say i'm not getting involved anymore, i will just focus on my family and my community and leave politics to others. others have suggested maybe the american electorate has changed, that what people want from government now is they will vote for whoever promises them more. i don't believe that's true. i cannot believe that's true. if it were, the nature of our country has changed forever. that cannot happen. i don't believe that's tr
Nov 23, 2012 2:00pm EST
india where the stars in the movie end up gone. i am here today to talk about an alternative to either euthanasia or outsourcing, what soon will be a quarter of the population, and argue that the solution to much ails us as individuals in a society lays in rethinking the map of life, the map of life that was in many ways set up in three score and 10, which seems like a longer lives of the past century but is inadequate to the five score lifespans that more and more people will be living in the 21st century. half the kids born since 2000 the developed world are projected to see their 100th birthday so we can't just fold, spindle, made late stretch and extend this life course that really was set up for a very different arc of life to one that is really, has an extra decibel point, an extra zero to it. so i think what is happening, to really cut to the essence of what i'm saying today is that the nature of life is under every bed a radical transformation as the numbers are. all those numbers that we are so familiar with and that period that has been characterized in these oxymoronic terms
Nov 13, 2012 6:00am EST
the economic growth for china and india. without the hundreds of millions of newly minted middle class folks. think about the last five years. rock star preaches capitalism wow. sometimes i hear myself, i just can't believe it. but commerce is real. that's what you're about here. it's real. aids is just a stopgap. commerce, -- takes more people out than aids. we need africa to become an economic power house. not just in their interest. it's in ours. it's in you are a -- your national interests in particular. we want to see the region fulfill its potential. so secure the -- queue up the drumroll -- you can if you like. enter our pro tag insist. enter the most powerful force for change on the continent. enter the strongest, loudest, clearest voice for progress. enter -- the nerd. [applause] >> yes. yes. ha ha, i did say the nerd. because it is the nerds, the floverts, the programmers that are changing the game not only here in america but in other places like africa. africa is the second largest mobile market after asia. this is the era of the afro nerd. what are these up to? they
Nov 27, 2012 1:00am EST
. india, 5% and rising. in america, we spend less than 2% of gdp on infrastructure. it is a concept with broad and bipartisan support. it could help close the gaps. do something about bringing tele-communications across this nation. it could work to create jobs all across america. good jobs. that cannot be outsourced so we are once again making things in america, becoming more competitive in the global economy. this is a great nation. has been built on brick and mortar and fiber-optic spirit we have got to get back to doing that again. millions of families are struggling -- struggling right now. we need to pass jobs legislation right now, including an infrastructure bank. i was pleased to see the president spoke about an infrastructure bank today. it will create jobs for investments and rebuild america. let me introduce to you the chair of our democratic congressional campaign. >> thank you. the legislation to extend the debt ceiling may not have been a great deal but it is now a done deal. we are moving forward into office and fend off holding republicans in the house accountable f
Nov 26, 2012 10:00am EST
director of india today and a real star of last year's program. i expect some similar feistiness. and finally we have vice admiral paul masson, commander of the royal canadian navy. thank you for 20 s. -- paul masson. when i was thinking about our panel, i went online to find a chinese event looking at the u.s. grand strategy, there are no canadians, a japanese or americans on china's panel. we don't have any chinese with us today but we should have a lot of fun discussion not only in national strategies but evolving in the asia-pacific region with china but i wanted to acknowledge that voice was not with us today. that might give us more room to run. because we don't have a chinese voice, some years ago i went to china and visited with the ministry of foreign affairs and met the equivalent of their policy planning director. finally i could ask china with its grand strategy is. this was about 2004. i said what is their grand strategy? they said and how to keep you americans distracted in small middle east countries. that seems to be shifting. one of the interesting things again -- i k
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5